Friday, September 21, 2007

Instrument of Death

"As the world advanced from the dark ages into the modern era,there were innumerable number of changes within the human society.One of the major areas for development is in the number of methods available to kill someone.From using stone and wood clubs and spears, man has progressed to guns,toxic poisons and even nuclear weapons of mass destruction.The sheer number of methods are enough to make one's head go round and round and round. But all this information did not serve my purpose as majority of these methods availalbe are having an inherant problem.They could easily be traced back or the culprit can be apprehended and punished. I needed something, some method by which i can kill someone in a way i desire and then get away with it.After giving this a lot of thought, i am finally formulating a plan to do what i want.

For every crime or murder,the important link that ties the murderer to the victim is the motive.This varies from person to person.One may kill for personal glory,other for monetary gains etc.On starting an investigation, the details of everyone even remotly connected to the victim is compiled by the authorities and each one is tracked down.But the best part about the plan i formulated is that the victim is going to be someone whom i don't even know, someone i have never seen before i kill him/her. Finding one such person is not so easy as it sounds.There are many around but there are risks involved in randomly picking someone and then killing them.One has to study the victim before killing and it is this studying that is the weakest link in this chain of events.Someone somewhere might have seen you following the person or someone might see both you and the victim at the same place although not together.This is pretty harmless unless the observer happens to be one belonging to the nosy fame seeking category who is so eager to see his name in papers so would try to recall each and everything they could gather about the victim's last few days and there is a chance,however remote it is, for you to be identified.But planning a murder up until all the last details is rewarding but then again if all goes according to plan then the thrill of the kill is gone.It will become something similar to the planning and completion of tasks in software industry.So although there were risks involved, i decided to pick up a random victim and kill him/her the same day as and when the oppurtunity comes.If by chance there are no openings to carry out the murder then i can always go back and return the next day for another victim.This requires patience but then again this is pretty much thrilling than sitting and planning the entire murder although careful planning is required before and after the actual murder as the main objective is to kill and then get away in such a way that the authorities can in no way trace it all back to me.Keeping all these in mind i was in the lobby of Hotel Monolith waiting for my possible victim for the day.I decided to start at the hotels as its easy to gain access to the victim's room and also plenty of privacy to carry out the deed.And so on that fine Wednesday morning the hunt began.

Like in all professions, there is something known as a beginner's luck in this one also.But the fact is having that sort of a luck for what i am doing now is something close to divine.And i am not divine.I kept on shifting hotels and timings such that i was never in the same hotel twice with the same bell boys and the reception managers.All the time i was the silent stranger in the corner busy filling the crossword.I was getting a little impatient not because i couldn't find anyone but there were too many potential victims.Selecting one out of that many qualified candidates is something very difficult and it is natural that you feel sorry for the ones that missed out on the chance.So when i selected her from Monolith, i surely felt pangs of guilt for the others i had selected from Monolith.Although i could easily go back and select one from each of the hotels, once i have selected her,then i cannot select another from Monolith.It has been more than a week now since i began my work and finally i have found one and the day has come for me to test the limits of my planning and abilities.Besided having her room number, i had no other information about her.No name, no idea whether she is alone in the room or with her spouse or friends or children.At that moment nothing mattered to me except my goal.Whoever she is,whoever she was,she is going to die the same day i selected her as my victim.Now that i have selected my victim, the most difficult part was over.All now remains is the actual execution of the act and how to do it.

There were many factors to be considered before i actually carried out the act.The method of killing depends directly on the victim.Before i go into the details some more information about the victim.She was a moderately tall slightly overweight woman.Age could be anywhere between 50-60 years with a very prominent limp possibly arthritis.She wore nice but expensive clothes and was devoid of any sort of make up or jewellery.I still do not know why i selected her to be my victim.Maybe it was because of the fact that she was painfully limping that i decided to put her out of her misery.Or maybe it is because of the fact that she had an aura or among a million old people around.With this mindset i began to analyse the current situation.The first thing to plan was the mode of killing.Although i was more inclined towards choking her,the sadist in me won out in the end on the suggestion of gutting her.It would be messy and this was one method were the chances of me getting caught were very high.Then again the risk would be thrilling.As one of the few who rose out of the city's many gutters into the city life, i was constantly missing the action in the ever changing and dangerous world i grew up in.The only knowledge i have of my past is a photo of me wearing a horrible pink bunny suit and sitting on what appears to be in mini version of a red BMW in a well maintained garden.Maybe i was rich but then thrown away or maybe i was abducted when i was a kid and thrown into the gutters.Whatever the reason maybe, i never bothered to ponder over this as life was too exciting to waste on thinking too much and so that was the end of it.Coming back to the task at hand, i preferred the official issue swiss army knife as it was easy to pierce and slash with it,one of the best hand to hand weapons around.Next came the fact about how to access her room and when to do it.The time i fixed as just after the dinner so that at that time the whole hotel would be so busy that one stranger can very easily slip into the living rooms of the vast facility.And a casual glance at the door lock convinced me that there was no need for anything more.It was a standard "Hotel lock" which is meant to be easily broken.I myself have broken many a lock like this during the time i was one of the street.But this was different.Back then money for food was the important issue but now the prize was higher.It was food for my soul.The time and the mode being fixed, now started the most difficult of all the procedures,the waiting game.Only the most patient can become the best hunter.It all depends on his instincts.Now that all preliminaries are over,the waiting began.

This wait was nothing like i ever imagined.It was hard on my already strung up nerves but then this is my first hunt so the tension was understandable.Hours passed and finally the moment of truth has come.Dinner was over and the mad rush of the guests going to their rooms began.I stood up from my position from behind the stairs and blended into the moving crowd.The hidng place was very well suited for my purpose.There was no light falling there and also it was so cramped up that no one would ever imagine anyone to creep under it and hide.But then again, the haven't counted on anyone as determined and as desperate as myself.The journey to her room began.I felt the urge to push my way through the sea of human bodies and rush to her room but although the tension was unbearable,i managed to keep it under check.A simple mistake from my side can destroy all that i have worked for a long time.Slowly but steadily i reached her room.It was clear that she was not in as i couldn't see even a glimmer of light even from under the door.I proceeded to pick the lock assuming the manner of an irritated guest who had a drink one too many and now cannot open his door.It worked and no one ever gave me a second glance.The only thing i was afraid of was that she would come up behind me while i was opening the door to her room.But as i had calculated, she was much slower than the rest because of her limp.I was inside her room and locked the door back all well within the 20 minutes she took to reach her room.Thankfully there was no one inside and a quick glance at the room told me that she was living alone in the room.The only risk is that she might bring someone with her but at her age that would be a miracle.I was right.She was alone when she came inside.One thing i have not yet planned was how to approach her.Should i hide and jump her from behind,cut her throat to keep her from screaming or should i go straight,gag her and then kill her slowly at my leisure.I was still indecisive about this when she came in.I hid behind the curtains.Although they were long the curtains were not that thick.It was not obvious at first sight but on a moderatly careful observation i would be caught red-handed.She came into the room and throwing off her slippers she went directly to bed.It seemed like she had too much to drink but then i realised that she was not.She was very much sober but it was her leg giving her trouble.In a moment the decision was made.I decided to confront her ,gag her and then start with the killing procedure.I stepped out from behind the curtains and with a reasonably thick cloth in my hand should the need arise to cut off her screams.She was lying on the bed on her belly and was reading or looking at something.I was very soft and slow but somehow she realised i was behind her.With a small cry of exclamation she jumped of the bed and saw me.She started running towards the door but i was faster.Fate had decided that she would die fast.To avoid further complications i pushed the cloth into her mouth and gutted her from navel to her chest.It was messier than i had imagined.Her innards seemed to jump out at me with revenge but i managed to avoid the worst of it.She fell down and began writhing in pain.It was a glorius sight,one that would fill the heart of the hunter with immense pleasure.Time passed.Although she had almost all her stomach and intestines on the carpeted floor, she somehow was still alive and all the while clawing her was towards her bed possibly to get some weapon?I got bored with it after sometime and decided to end her suffering.It took only a slit from ear to ear to make her finally die.I looked at the carnage in front of me and was a little bit disappointed.The thrill was there but i was hoping she was some fighter but she went down easily...too easily for my liking.Then came one of my crazy ideas.I should start a collection.I should have something to remember all the kills that i am going to make.I had already decided that the next one is going to be that eccentric guy who wears a pink suit always at Hotel Shoreview.I looked around the room for something as a memento.Nothing.The whole room was clean, all hotel stuff.My eyes then fell upon her bag and her book on the bed.I took them both and looked through,hoping to find somthing worthwhile......... "

The Times (own correspondent) 24th May 2007 : Above is the manuscript got from the body of the young man found dead in Hotel Monolith last night.He was sitting on the bed with a knife thrust deep into his throat.No details are available about this young man.It is clear from this is that he is some how related to the slaughter of Mrs.Morrison in the same room.She was brutally murdered last night and details about the murder are still sketchy.Police say that the pictures of the room and body are too graphic for public viewing.Mrs.Morrison was a well known lady at her hometown of Minnesoville where she was one of the pioneers of the "LOST" foundation which specialises in funding efforts to find children gone missing.She herself was a victim of such a mishap which motivated her to start this.She had lost her only son only when he was only 14 months old.Reports say that she was going through some old paper clippings about her lost son when she was brutally attacked and killed.They were organised into one compilation.According to the police, the only thing in the room not bloodied was that that album of paper clippings although it was on her bed.The page showed the picture of her missing son wearing a a horrible pink bunny suit and sitting on what appears to be in mini version of a red BMW in a well maintained garden.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beautiful Life......My Style!!

It all began sometime soon after she left but then again it was always there. While she was around, it was no more than just a shadow lurking in the corner of his mind but when she finally decided to leave and let him be, the wait was over for it. Finally after all the wait and pain, it was out and that was not all. With it came something more dangerous, darker than anything I had imagined in my life.

Initially it was the emptiness that choked me. Many a time I even picked up my phone to call her. Call her and beg for her mercy. But even then I knew it was not going to happen. What I have become over the years was not something that gives into these weaker human urges and desires. So to avoid further webs of temptation, I did the only thing I could do at that time. I deleted her number from my cell…a silly move but necessary to preserve my sanity. But e-mail remained one of the biggest hurdles that needed to be crossed for me to completely get rid of her from my mind. Even a stray mail from the very few friends I got might contain her name and that was enough to drive me crazy. All this time I never thought I would miss her so much but then again like always I was wrong and she was right. One would know the hurt of missing someone only if you really miss someone you care about. I remember her telling me that I would never understand and I never did. I still cannot say I really missed her but one thing was sure. Without even talking to her, my life has become something like an empty hall. I realized who she was for me, more than just a friend or a partner. She was something more, something precious. She was that ingredient that was holding this pathetic existence of mine together. But now it was all over. Knowingly I had pushed out the one person whom I ever gave a damn about, pushed out so far that I doubt whether she would ever hear me again should I decide to go after her.

Jealousy is a very strange being. You would not be jealous at even your worse enemy but then again you would be goddamn jealous of someone real close to you. This is one question that I asked myself all the time. Is jealousy what drove her from me? Impartial though I was, I was not able to answer that. That could be a reason but then again there could be other more severe reasons. But one thing became very clear. Without her by my side, I was suffering but she seemed to enjoy every moment of it. She was colder than I thought she would be. While I was sitting in the corner thinking to myself and trying my best not to lose my sanity, she was running around shopping and watching movies and hanging out with her ‘gang’ of friends. I don’t know whether she was trying to freak me out but then again I respect her because she was doing a damn good job at that. Days went by, days turning into weeks and months and finally years. A couple of years have passed so far but still life remains the same except for the fact that we were 2 years older. But something also changed inside of me. I was no longer the smiley blimey guy around but a ghost of my former self. A rotten creature stuck up in the human shell. Then it was time for all of us to part our ways…to go out and see the wide world around. At this moment, at this last moment, I made the decision. The decision I am still debating on.

There she was walking like a princess among her ‘friends’ if I could call them that. I never really understood why she was hanging out with those bunch of freaks but then again she always liked to be with the freaks so that she could be noticed. No wonder she was with me even for a short period of time. I knew what I had to do. This was the answer to all my problems. The time has come for me to go back to my peaceful existence, to the pre-meet her period, when I was normal, when I was human. I picked the time carefully so that she would be alone then. Also I knew she wouldn’t pass an opportunity to hear me apologizing to her. I knew she would be there and was early to come as usual. But I was prepared for this emergency. I had woken up very early that day, freshened up and was all set and ready by the time I met her at the football field. Apologies were exchanged at first but then the plan started acting out. I asked her one simple question: “What do you think of me now?” Before she replied I read the answer in her eyes, her face. To her, I was nothing more than just another of the crowd of her friends. This time I was ready. She had damaged my soul once and she was not going to do it all over again. I never gave her a chance to speak. I thrust the knives right into her eyes, those gray beautiful eyes that caught me in it in their first glance. The spell was broken the moment I felt her eyes exploding and showering blood all over my hands. But this was too easy a fate for her. There were more to come. I cut out her nose and ears and thrust her into her mouth to stop her shouting. It was just so awesome. Eyeless, nose less and earless there she stood gagging on her own organs spilling blood all over her light sky blue skirt. Once I got her on her knees it was easy. I cut her open like a fat pig. I cut out all that I could from that carcass and fed it to the dogs around who were watching all this like some blockbuster movie. I felt her shivering with each cut I was making but I was not going to stop. The fun, it was too much for me to think about her. I was having too much of fun cutting her up, so much that I literally chopped her into small slices, slices that reminded me of bacon. I had her heart in my hand. It was the moment I was waiting for all my life. Her heart with me…it was still warm and trying to beat all the while squirting blood on my already bloodied arms. To get her totally out of my head, there was only one way. To get her into my stomach and let my body reject her, throw her out of my system for the one last time. The sun had risen and with it my appetite rose. I took a bite out of her heart. It was soft, mushy, sweet and tasty. The first bite was the hardest. Once I tasted what it was like, there was no stopping. With hungry gulps I ate it completely and once the meal was over, I felt peace…peace like heaven for the first time in my life for a long time.

The days that followed were nothing but figments of memory. After the meal I ran off leaving all and everything behind. I traveled lands I have never seen or heard before. I met people who liked me and hated me. All the time I was on the lookout for someone to come and take me back to the ground and finish me off as I did to her but no one came. I made discreet enquiries about her fate but no one seemed to know what happened to her. It was like a person like that never existed but I knew she did. I could still feel the taste of her heart in my mouth; it was always there like some sweet dream that one wants to see all night long every night. Maybe the dogs might have finished her off or maybe someone must have found her and is keeping this quiet so that they can find out about my whereabouts. For whatever reason that was, I was never going to go back. I got all that what I wanted. I got her out of my head but at the same time I can always have her with me, in me for all eternity. I am a normal satisfied man right now. The world is a beautiful place again and the beauty beckons me from the distance. Ah life is so beautiful!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Winds of Suffering

Birds have started their singing now,
That might be the morning I think
Time to wake up and start the day
One more day added to my waning years.

Walking out of my humble abode,
Greeted by a breeze on my face
Laden with the sweet odor of flowers
Jasmine, rose and many others more.

I start my work, the usual one
And now winds starts to play around
Dancing around my unkempt hair
Teasing me with their fragrant gusts.

Oh how beautiful spring time is
Soothing the world with its gay colors
Finally the cruel winter had left
But leaving it’s lasting mark around.

I hear people laugh and sing
Getting along with their daily things
I feel their gaze upon my face
I smile in return, yes I do smile.

Its all so peaceful now, Only
Joy and the sweetness all around.
Not a trace of the winter snow
To numb the senses with its embrace.

I pray the flowers may never droop
I wish the birds to go on singing
I hope the world will remain the same
To be in the spring till the end of time.

All around me people move
Lucky ones, some black sheep too
Like me they stray through the paths
Unconnected with everything around.

I hear the birds , I smell the flowers
I smile without joy, cry without pain
All the flowers,birds and people around
Fails to free me from my icy throne.

Smelling flowers, hearing the songs
I see them all in my mind’s eye
For I am blind, ah cruel fate
I cannot enjoy the light anymore.

In my life the winter goes on
Darkness and ice encasing my mind
Always has its icy clutches on me
Oh cruel fate, the cold wind blows.