Friday, February 10, 2006

My Life,i think.............

In the dark and dreary days
I wait the call of life
To raise me from this hell hole
To free the soul of my life.

Bitter cold blinds my senses
Emptiness numbs my mind
Wherever my eyes wander
all i see are faces of me.

Torn and bleeding, they are
but images form my past
haunting me in this period
on the wake of my resurrection.

This has been my life, all the way
the time from which my silly soul
was plucked from the ocean of life
churned up by the wheels of fate.

Cursed and cast asunder,
is this existance of mine
into this labyrinth of emotions
overwhelming me at every turn..

Here i'm wandering through this
from time immemorial
seeking to escape, but for me
i realise that there is no escape.

Once one is inside oneself
noone can save him but him
but in my case i know
even he is having apartheid.

I am, but trapped in myself
beyond the point of no return
only time will tell what i am
or what i will become in me.

One by one all faces have died
all dead and decaying in me
emotions draining with my blood
dying out one by one.

Bleeding i lie on the floor
all is lost, light fading fast.
I had but one thing to hold on
now that called hope is broken too.

I can feel the hand of death
his cold hand on my throat
choking me, minute by minute
my life slowly ebbing away.

Its true that i hoped to live
but now i realised it
no use trying to stem the flow
it has come to sweep me away.

Now that the time has come at last
For liberation from this trap
i believe i do love now
to escape from all this.
Its true what is said
that for one who lost all hope
the best way is death.