Saturday, March 15, 2008


i have no idea what am writing now or what i am supposed to write now.In these times i wonder if i am still alive or is it some astro projection of my self running around in ill fitting pants kissing ass and trying to stay in this race of life.

Life....what is it?

i was never a big fan of the wod LIFE and still am not but something has made me think a lot about it these this life which i have now worth living? if it is then for whom am i living_
Is it for me or for someone else?
point to be noted : the someone else is NOT my gf cos simply i havent got one. even if i had one i think i would like to kill her and cut her up and cook her nice and tender and EAT her.
Now where did i get that idea from?

oh yes....the perfect example of what i am now.....whatz gng on in the head of this idiotic jackass whom everyone like to laugh at. I am the joke, i am the fun.....i am settings for the perfect career.....i think Ted Bundy thought like this too......

hint to me : goto this link and start reading....wen ya finished then u knw wat i am now....messed up jackass....i reallly love that name...

ok....i am officialy mental....wat tuk me so loong?

PS: fukked up german keyboard.....IRRITATING.....spellings al messd up coz of dat......