Sunday, December 11, 2005


well friends,itz been an awfully loong time since i posted anythng,not tht i was not interestd but i was very buzy followng up mny many clues leadng upto wht is gng to be the revelations of the century but then smthng happend
i was swept into a world of tournaments and unreality with many behemoths of the nether wrld of gaming tried to rip me apart limb to limb by tearng into my conscience and makng me one of the skeletons in their closets. i had to battle many many minions of the undyng and ruthless lords of the unreal pit but i was then cnfrnted yesterday by one of the BIG lords himself. to stay alive and to get out of this web of deception and rapidly deterioratng dwnload limits i didn't hve to beat him though,only stay close to him and prevent him frm mutilatng my spirit and my body........
many of the contemporary sufferers in this pit was laughng at my decision to fight him but i had to make a match out of it or am gona be gng much further into the pit of no return and my researches would be incomplete,will become mere ramblings of a dwindling soul. and it happend yesterday wen i battled HIM,one of the fiercest of the Lords and lo, providence was on my side

i scored jst one point less than him and wud've won if i had not made a couple of silly mistakes,but then again this was a huge shot in the arm 4 me

evry1 was so dumbfounded and bewildered tht in the confusions that arose in the aftermath of the BIG fight,i managed to sneak my way out of the PIT and now am bck on my journey in the quest for the TRUTH,the only thing that now matters to me,for my love,for my sweet friend who died for me and for all the peeps who love me and cnsidered me as one of them and to all my vampire brothers and sisters who deserve to know wht hapened during that fateful period of utter darknes and will be back wth more accounts of my experiences