Thursday, May 31, 2007

Evolution of the new Breed....

The life is nothing more than a few lines of code and mails coming in day by day with increasing frequency. Even the filter is rendered useless against this torrent of mails mostly coming from bosses around who got nothing better to do than to screw up your life in the worst possible way so that you may never ever be able to be a normal human being again,i.e if they know the meaning of being normal.
At this pace the life as we know it is coming to a premature end.The ways a man suffers.His dignity,self-respect,the very foundation of his being is questioned and shattered in this ongoing flow of life.There are many things that can happen to one in the course of one's life but this is the worst that could happen.The loss of the sense of being !!!
This is the worst possible way in which a man can selfdestruct.There are individuals all around us and like someone said in the golden old days-each one is unique.It is that which makes man a social animal.Each one around us have something which you donot have.So as a whole he strives to be complete in all respects,the journey towards perfection........a never ending journey.It is the purpose of a human life.To search for what he lacks,a search for himself.But imagine what would happen if that for which he searches for is destroyed in such a way that it can never be put together.The meaning of life is lost........the sense of living,the instinct to survive,the feelings of being human, all are destroyed.He becomes nothing more than a programmable robot,one who could be programmed by anyone according to their wishes.A being without any feeling or emotions to such extend that even "being" is such a human name for it.This is the fate that is staring everyone in the face now.The losses one incur are many but this one loss is enough to plunge his whole life into a dark pit........a pit from which escaping is nothing more than a dream.
There are examples of those who have outlasted this fate assigned to them but in all those cases there was always a helping hand given to them from the people around.Some of them themselves in the pit but having enough compassion left to help others who are suffering gain a better life.But there are ones who have not themselves gone all the way.It was not their destiny to end up in this regions.But there were forces which would have nothing of it,it was nothing more than full fledged cruelty against those poor souls by their masters in the domains.......forces beyond the control of the poor souls.The life of a developer is nothing more than a puppet in the hands of superior beings calling themselves the managers and leaders.To be thrown out or to be pushed so far underground that he had to be dead for atleast a hundred years for even the stench to penetrate into the surface above.These are nothing more than hobbies for them.But the time has now come for them to come down from their grand step down from their self appointed positions of glory and power.It is a new age,a new begining.The winds of change will blow over these lands,destroying everything in its path.The age-old traditions are going to die.A new race will rise.
For everything new there must be someone to start it.A totally insignificant act that would trigger the collapse of all that is old,traditional and evil.The time has come and the moment is now.He is ready to do what he thinks is right,to shoulder the burden of starting it all off.Noone knows whether he will be there till the end of all this,noone even knows when all this ends.But one thing is sure,if it begins,it will end up soon........such are the magnitude of the forces that have assembled ready for destruction.The time draws close,the moment has happened,the chain of events that would cause him to act has already been started.It only remains for him to set light the fire that will burn and consume everything even including himself.His actions will rewrite history,a heavy responsiblity for one so young and inexperienced.As the events unfold with alarming rapidity there is one question that everyone asks "IS HE READY?"
I say to them all.........."YES,He is ready,I am READY"

Atheism or the Truth ??

There is a begining and then there is an end....these are inevitable but there are certain things which are so much unpredictable and so much out of sync with the normal mode of life happening between these two eventualities.This can get one to think-if life and death are inescapable and are well defined by some other entity in advance,then why can't the events that lie in between be predicted or better,be controlled.Many many scholars and magicians have tried out their best to answer this question but all of them had the answer..the common one..its fate and we cannot change it.But the nature of man is to question and he asks the question why?Then also there is a ready answer,some unknown entity by the name of God about whom everyone has heard and everyone believes(almost) but one whom noone has ever seen.But this existence is never questioned and is said to be the cause and the secret hand behind all the unexplained phenomena happening all around this universe.But even this has got it's limitations.there are certain things happening all around which are in no way related to God,atleast as far as all the explanations and descriptions about him and his methods in all the religions combined.If there is light,there is darkness.if there is day,there is night and if there is good,there is evil.So as the God is being represented as the symbol of all the good in this world,then there should exist another entity whose nature of operations is just the opposite to that of God and man being always so thinking and so resourceful had meant to call that anti-God entity by a name Devil.Like God,Devil is also described as omnipotent and also having his own share of disciples and a wide variety of names.This just makes one wonder,if there is this much similarity between God and the Devil,then why are there different communal riots all around in the name of religion of God whereas nothing of that sort exists in case of Devil??Does this mean that even with the name Devil,he is the one,keeping aside all his list of evil activities,that really takes care of the ones that follow and worship him whatever their religion or caste be?Also there is another bigger question,with all these similarities,are God and Devil the one and the same,like one common force or being whom when it is nice is God and when it is having a bad time,it is Devil.In simple terms like this,the existence and the essence of all the religions are put into doubt.Are we worshipping God and Devil at the same time?Put simply,God is Devil when he is having a bad day.
Finally it all boils down to the same thing-it depends upon how you look at it.If one thinks he is praying to God then he is praying to God and the same goes for the case of Devil.But then comes a bigger question-if man is making decisions as to who or what to worship,then wouldn't it be nice to be someone whom all will worship?This thought has fuelled the minds of many a man and was the cause of the most bloody and disastrous events of the past....coming in second to the most favoured cause for all this- Women.
Now a little point to discuss.According to many legends,man was to live in Eden but woman forced him to eat the prohibited fruit which made God to throw them out of Eden and into the place called Earth where man began his life.Also there are references that man was to have all the virtues as like in the God but Pandora(again a woman) opened a box full of evil and negative thoughts and troubles...and not to forget one of the most famous wars in history that destroyed the advanced and developed Troy and caused many a legendary hero to fall in its wake including Hector,Priam,Achilles,Ajax etc.,all because of Helen(obviously a woman).This war also had many outward ripples like disturbances and troubles for countless other legends like Odeisseius,Ajax,Arkantos etc.This and many more makes one wonder,man is created by God but is the woman created by his alter-ego or his doppleganger the Devil while poor man was sleeping??This is a matter of thought.Now i am not saying that all women are evil and all men are good.It just depends on who made who at the time they were made.If God made a man/woman,then he/she will be good but if Devil makes one,he/she turns out to be evil.Simple and straight-forward but so so true.
Coming back to the original question--is God and Devil the same person?This is one question that urgently needs some answers because there simply cannot be more pondering over this matter if noone knows what is supposed to happen.

Journey of Life--Pathway to Hell

"Life is not a bed of roses" This age old saying is on the way out of my dictionary for the last time.If you ponder over this saying for sometime the underlying meaning becomes very clear.Roses have thorns on their stems.So life being a bed of roses also has its share of aches and pains to the unfortunate being who is sentenced to live his life in this plane of existence.Of late my life has become a really large bed of roses.....minus the petals.All that is remaining is a blanket of thorns each one drawing living blood out of my body on contact.Each step towards the answer to my life has become a torture in itself.
The bed was not always of thorns only.There were beautiful flowers..........soft to touch and fragrant which protected me from the underlying horrors filling the world with their beauty.Then also there were occasional pricks of pain but then it was wiped away without a trace........solace to be found in the depths of the warm embrace of the pleasent wind around....All good things must come to an end and this underlying truth finally touched me with its cold fingers.The spring of the life is is nothing more than a mere memory lost beneath the torrent of emotions that swept away the last traces of humanity that i had.Holding on to the few pillars of support around i cried.......not words but cries arising from depths within me which i never knew existed.All these went unanswered and it was a long time before i realised that there was noone coming for me.The last ray of hope i had was someone waiting for me on the other side of this abyss but gradually that too was fading fast.Inside me a change was happening.The sense of being was replaced by a emptiness impossible to define, the person i was changed,changed to something even i fear in its darkest hours.I am scared even to delve into this new ME as even a glimpse into its depths had got me worried beyond imagination.The time of light has passed and a new dawn has come.............the time of the beast is on hand.This "Thing" is nothing more than i myself, but a part of me is worried..........unleashing this upon the world around...........such a terrible and terrifying thought.
But what all consequences it may have,what all trouble it may create, in a way i am not responsible for it's actions.Yes, the creature resides within me and it is using my body as the vessel for its plans,my plans.The actual culprits are those who in the first place pushed me to the darkest corner such that this whole episode of my life came to light.May God forgive those damned souls for what they have done to me.But one thing is sure,i am not going to forgive them............He inside is not going to forgive them..the time is here and the time is now..........revenge is a dish best served cold but i like it as in their warm blood washing over me when i rip their throats out and consume their living forces.Yes, this is the answer to my life, my salvation.A bloodbath!!!!This is what the scriptures told me, this is what i will do..............the final dance of death has begun.........the waiting is finally over...........the time has come for me to bathe in their be a part of the burning river Styx.........on a never ending journey towards own Hell.....