Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Nightmare keep disrupting my sleep
They make me wake up and weep
Its been years , but still it stings
And I am now a puppet who lost his strings
Losing count of days and knights
Wishing I had a party of golden knights
To bring my angel back to my side
To die again in her eyes, bright and wide.

Monday, September 06, 2010

not decided on a title yet :(

Alone I stand among the dead,

Single survivor of the army I once led,

What went wrong, when it came

The end of my time, its end game .

Finally my journey ends here

Without her to hold me near

Years wasted for a fruitless search

Still she is out of my reach.

Fires still rage on the black peak

Fueled by the blood of both bold and meek

On top of it all she lives alone,

Inside the tower made of black stone.

I hear their cries, the clash of steel

Her minions closing in for their next meal

I feel the cold biting breeze

Causing all my senses to freeze

There she was, my lovely Ice Queen

Still like an angel, how long has it been

Her once lovely eyes are no more

Only crystals, frozen to the core.

A smile plays on her lips

Fills me with a familiar feeling of bliss

Her voice tears into my heart, sharper than a lance

Against that, I never stood a chance.

Words flowed into my near deaf ears

“Oh dear Ralph, it has been years

Have you come to carry me away?

Or is my life still in your way? “

Gathering my last breath I yell

With a voice that could be heard till hell

“It’s time for you to sleep dear,

And I will end my life here “.

Her cold voice shatters the silence

And her words confirmed that I lost my chance

“Why do you do this to me ?

Why can’t you just let me be ?

Times have changes, so did I

It’s time my dear, to say goodbye.

There was a time when I waited for a day

When you would come to take me away

Not any more love, your time is past

Here in these lands you will breathe your last. “

As I close my tired eyes,

All I see is her face wreathed in ice

Farther down into darkness I fall

Bouncing around like a lifeless doll

My heart burning with her last few words

“Oh but I still love you among all the lords”

A single teardrop falls on my scarred chest

At last I smile, perhaps it was all for the best.

Random Thoughts

for a sight, a touch and a smile
my journey still lasts many a mile
was it worth leaving my sanity ?
to cater to whims of my vanity
days grow cold, nights are colder
me n death walk shoulder to shoulder
guilt and desire pushes me forward
while my heart hides like a coward
dreadful darkness seeps from the void
condemning us to a fate we can't avoid.
She comes to me in my dreams
But still she seems so far away
For as long as the soul music goes on
This dance of ours will be going on.