Saturday, September 10, 2005

Death of a Friend

This is something really close to my heart.I have been into the research about the supernatural for sme time now,but now a stage has reached from wer gng forward to the next level is difficult.I was aided in this dangerous mission by a close friend of mine,a noble and brave soul he was.Yes ppl,he WAS my friend.But in the act of aiding me,he has surpassed the rules set forward by his elders and in dng so he damned himself,to an unfitting end for such a worthy soul.It happend like this......

We were on the path leading to the ancient vaults of Transyls were we hoped to find th lost links between Dracula and the human world wich wud prove to the critics tht he was more human than most of us around.It was suposed to be a normal day wen it began but very soon in began to change and my friend..his name was....well i dnt wnt to tell his name coz even knwng tht mite put ur lives in danger.As 2 ur thnkng he was human,sry ppl he was not human but rather a strange character, a werewolf!!!To think of a vampire like me walkng arnd with a werewolf is avsurd,yes but not impossible.Well we met one day wile we wre both searchng 4 the blood ring of estonia rumoured to contain the actual blood of the queen of egypt,cleopatra.We had a minor squaffle then but then on realisina it was guarded by a golem,tht too a rock golem we dcided to be allies and succeeded in dismantling tht golem and from then on bcame the best of friendz.We had many adventures togetr,will tell ya all about it another time....but to cme to wht actually hapend,

A little bit of history...our friendship was viewed wth xtreme suspicion by both our species,and rightly so coz of the ancient war between vampires and werewolfs,the most blood soaked chapter in the history of this world.So it was not a new thing wen we both were repeatedly threatend wth curses and death if we continued our friendship but v never yielded to them.He was a noble,a descendent of the Schwalken,one of the werewolf heroes of the Gret War and was 12th in line for leadership.So he ws thought to be immune to these petty acts of cowardice from his people.Am not a weakling either.Am one of the very few who survived the fall of Cronixa and the last of the great warrior group Nementhia who had been the scourge of the midlands till recent past wen we were dismantled and sent ot various oter posts.So it was the social position we njoyed or it was the cockiness tht made us friendz ,we cntibued to be friendz....But i was yet to learn of wht the oters were capable of doing.

So now as we were walkng,i became aware of a change in my friend.I address to him a WER frm now on.WER began to get uneasy and kinda tire and began to slow down,each step becoming slower and slower.He began stumbling and finally fell down.I was at his side in an instant but then again i was late.He was lookng so ghastly tht i was worried,but my worries were jst begining.He was tryng to speak to me,his words cmg out in grunts and pieces and not clear cos of a lump forming around his throat.I caught only 2 wordz,run and Charybdikoz.I was wondering wht was happening and then suddenly he turned ,yes he did ,in the bright morning sun he turned.I was surprised and it made me hesitate 4 a second.Wen WER turned to me only i came to realise wht he meant by run.It was not my friend i saw(i've seen him turn to werewolf 4 a number of times),but some oter creature.I was rooted on my spot wen it attacked me,tore apart part of my chest with itz claws.Then it was all over,awaken from my stupor i began defending myself all the while tryng to get thru 2 WER inside tht beast,but everytime i was blocked by an invisible wall,a wall that had not been ther before.And then i realised smethng,i wana live so did he,but he wnts to kill me to live and 4 me to live i need to kill HIM.It was the most difficult dcision i ever made,but finally i did it.The fight was the best i ever had and the best i ever will have.Even after i turned then also i wasn't able to stop him,but finally usng the ancient arts i learned durng my time wth Nementhia,i managed to do it. YES,U CAN BLAME ME!! I KILLED HIM,THE BEST FRIEND THAT I EVER HAD!! Blame me if u must,but that is the only thing i cud've done and i thnk he knew it as wel for wen i struck my final blow,i felt the wall tumbling and before he was torn apart,i saw a smile on his face,a smile i knew well,one tht am never gona c again and he was mouthing the wrds "THANK YOU". This is wht hapend to me,thts the last i saw of him,it was 4 days ago.I was recuperating frm my injuries for 2 dayz after tht and then i began searchng 4 the word tht he tld me....Charybdikoz. And now i found it,the ancient ritual before the onset of time itself. The blood of a Vampire lord and a Werewolf King both mixed in the cauldron made from the skinz of 1000 humanz sacrificed to Lucifor and tempered wth their blood,thn beginz this ritual of revenge,ritual to punish one of their own,the ultimate punishment one can get,EVER. Am in search of more details about this ritualz,then only i can find who all are responsible for wht hapnd,for wht they made me do,and then itz revenge,revenge is a dish best served wen cold so am gona wait till i knw who all made this happen,evry single one of them must pay 4 wht they had dne,Itz paybaack time.So if ya find anythng about these cold blooded murderers,please inform me,i jst cant wait to squeeze the life out of their broken bodies and pay he final tribute to HIM.
Beware all you humanz out there,if they are not stopped and sch an unholy alliance between Vampires and Werewolfs exist,itz gona be you who are going to suffer. For each such curse they need 1000 sacrifices and itz gona be me next.So if ya dnt help me ,they are gng to continue doing this till not even a single one of u pitiful beings are left in this world. Just a word of caution,never try to go to them alone,itz 4 ur own safety
So till next time(if there is a next time)
SAYONARA humanz!!!!

Friday, September 02, 2005


The time of the great war was a golden time for rumours and and facts to intermingle and coexist so tht finaly they became one and the same.There are many assumptions as to the origin of Dracula and as i have already refered earlier,he may be the son of The Fallen Angel. During my search for the answer,i didn't get too many info to support this arguement but what i got was equally stunning.Would any1 believe tht the very Count who is being portryed as the embodiment of all evil and living an endless life going around sucking ppl dry has a soft heart and he does wht he does according to orders frm higher powers whose very mention maybe blasphemous to many of ya around.Without delving into the details of those terrible forces,i now carry on.Wht i found was uncensored and cmpletly believable theories and accounts pointing to the fact tht He,The Lord of Darkness was not alone in this world.He was married,had or atleast have 14 children of wich 3 are more human than their siblings.U guesed it rite,His wife was none oter than a human gurl.Driven blindly by love and her passion to be different she took up the job of being Mrs.Dracula,pretty impressive title but history gives no account of as to wether he turned her to his undead minion or she lived and died a normal life
They had a total of 14 children,9 boys and 5 girls.All the boys took to their father's side but 3 of the girls were more human and to top it all,they were able to walk in the sunlight although they had fangs and was able to suck blood like their beloved dad.So thus began the time of the daywalkers.The whole vampire world was shocked at this marriage but as these facts came to light,they were scramblin to see the daywalkers,also the oter children also.The other children,though not daywalkers were special in their own ways.They were all stronger than an ordinary vampire and was more reistaant towards sun although not immune.But what made them all special was tht none of them was affected in anyways by the common anti vampire curios like the holy cross or the holy water,garlic etc.The only thing that affected them was the Holy Bible and nothing else.Am still into the study of what hapend to those 14.All that is knwn that they were all living happily 4 ever till the day the second great war broke out between the vampires and the werewolfs with the acolytes playng an actice part in it.In that bloody and fierce war no1 knows who died or lived.So am now delving into the mystery surrounding them so tht i can uncover wht happend to those children,those abominations of vampires who,if decides to be super villains can turn this world round to their will.who knows,they mite be ur best friend or maybe ur girlfriend,so itz 4 the benefit 4 all of us that i must find them,maybe that may provide us with a solution of eternal youth.On a personal note,i would like to find them coz i saw their picture in one of the chronicles and i dunno wht hapend but i fell in love with one of the daywalkers,she,the most beautiful of them all.The princess of my dreamz,so now u knw y i must find out about them,so if any1 comes across anythiing tht can help me kindly pass it on coz then u r being a human
so will be baack soon with more details about the mysteries shrouding the whole life of the Count amd about the oncoming end of humanity as we know it
SAYONARA humanz!!!