Thursday, August 18, 2005


Well blogging hasn't benn in my mind wen i first opend my computer but noe smthng has hapnd tht has forcd me to delved into the minds of fellow bloggers in this chasm of blogging]
There wus no light in the room wen all this happend........U all tend to take this as the ravings of a lunatic but dnt,all this mite come true an' u all mite be in 4 a surprise.All of ya have hrd of the fallen angel who became the Satan but has any1 heard the stuff abt Dracula being the son of this fallen angel??This is a matter into wich am cndctng my research an' i felt myself expriencing sme kinda creepy feelings one associate wth horror movies but all this is.. i dunno maybe real or unreal but all that has been unreal had a base in the real and it is this real world tht is mch more dangerous an' fearsome than the fantasy stories an' the meaningless words
My name in this chasm is limited coz of various factors at work heer wich tend to bend my will an' my powers to their advantages,so sayonara an' if am not made a spent bottle of coke,i'll be back wth more true accounts of none oter than the king of vampires an' the freak kingdom oer wich he rules thts got vampires,werewolfs an' all sorts of freaks ya haven't even heard about,some so fearsome tht only he himself can afford to see them,so hoping to see all of ya pretty sooon