Thursday, January 01, 2009


And another year passes by...... (1985-2008) was my plan.
But this last year, there were many instances,people i came to know who made this life worth living.So the date extended beyond the planned year.

A new year 2009 has begun. Jan 1st 2009, the first day for a new beginning, to put things in order, to get a hold of my life, to bring it back on track. Putting the bitter past behind me i started upon this wonderful day full of hope, full of confidence and determination.

Now within a span of mere one hour, i now return to where i was a few months ago, still a hallucinating screaming maniac who have no idea what to make of his futile existence.

I know hardly 2 people are going to read all this bullshit i am writing called "My Blog" but i do not care. This message is for whomever reading this.
If you do not know me, then please close this window and stop reading then and there.

Ok here goes. Any one of you are welcome to give me one F****** good reason to stay alive and get through this year are welcome to comment on this and give me the reason for i think i just ran out of reasons to extend the existence of this being made of flesh (and a HUGE amount of FAT).
This is not a plea for help. It is just that i am curious if anyone know any reason for me being here, thats all. Always good to listen to what others say as you may learn something new which you had no idea about till then.
Once again people, just let me know.
I will be waiting, though for how long is another thing to be decided.Guess that part i can decide on my own. LOL

Signing off......sayonara

PS: if its spiritual advice you are giving, then at least prepare for a debate with me on that issue.I just love arguing.